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Electronics Recyling Event

Electronics Recycling Event
Friday, April 30, 2021

10:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

Swan Park, 909 Brainerd Dr, Waupaca WI.

FREE Electronics
CPU towers, vacuums, tape players, phones, printers, speakers, coffee machines, CD players, DVD players, power supplies, laptops, scanners, I-pods, drills, shredders, fax machines, record players, game systems, electrical saws, and more.

Prices subject to change***
CHARGEABLE Electronics
Flat and CRT Computer Monitors $20 each
Flat and CRT TVs (29″ and under) $20 each
Flat and CRT TVs (30-49′) $40 each
Flat and CRT TVs (50′ and over) $60 each
Wood console or projection TV $60 each
Large copy machines or printers $15 each
Microwaves $15 each
Dehumidifiers $20 each
Mini refrigerators $20 each
Small A/C units $20 each
Ovens or dishwashers $25 each
Washers or dryers $25 each

**We do not accept full size refrigerators or freezers.

Waupaca County accepts electronics year-round at their Processing and Transfer facility in Manawa.

Sponsored by City of Waupaca and Waupaca Area Chamber of Commerce.