About Us

Waupaca Area Chamber of Commerce Committees

Get the most out of your Waupaca Area Chamber of Commerce membership by getting involved in committees that help promote business and economic growth in our area. Each group focuses on a different aspect of the community that affects business. Join any of our committees to not only let your voice be heard and make a difference, but to also meet great people. Share your business with others and continue networking.

Below is an explanation of the different opportunities and how you can get involved to improve your business and your community.


  • The committees responsibilities are to lead the Chamber in attaining the goals set forth by the Board of Directors.
  • Direct communication goals
  • To make executive decisions and strategic plans.
  • To nominate incoming directors.
  • To oversee the budget and financial issues.
  • To do annual salary review with the President.
  • Research and implement growth of Chamber through regionalization.

Member Support

  • To provide educational and training opportunities.
  • To promote and support networking opportunities.
  • Maintain retail promotions.
  • Create an advertising campaign to increase the number of member investors and/or enhance the gift certificate program.
  • Hold roundtable discussions at various member investor locations to gain insight into what our investor’s needs are.
  • Research additional member benefits.

Business Advocacy

  • Provide members with a minimum of three opportunities to meet with key governmental officials.
  • Provide on an as needed basis, information on concerns of possible law changes that may affect businesses and ask them to contact their legislators.

Business & Workforce Development

  • Strive to develop our future workforce by working with the School District of Waupaca utilizing tools like Your Future, Heavy Metal Tours, and a Health Care Tour.
    • Develop the Health Care tour
  • Meet with Businesses to see how we can help with employee recruitment/retention.
    • Develop a series of short quality of life videos for use in workforce development.
  • Work with the City of Waupaca to help in economic development issues and ideas.


Ambassador Committee – this includes the team of Ambassadors who help with activities such as member recruitment and retention, Ribbon Cuttings and Groundbreakings. Please contact the Chamber at 715-258-7343 or info@waupacaareachamber.com to find out more about the Ambassador Committee.

  • To communicate and educate the value of the Chamber to Businesses and the Community.
  • Conduct Operation Thank You with the help of the Board of Directors in late September early October.
  • To maintain a full and active roster of Ambassadors.
  • To be actively involved at Business After 5’s, Morning Mixers and at Business Welcomes.
  • Actively communicate new business contacts to the Chamber in an effort to help in recruitment of new investors.

Waupaca Area Convention & Visitors Bureau

  • Evaluate existing way finding to determine whether directional signage is effectively serving visitors; work in conjunction with the Main Street project to develop strategies for unifying the Waupaca area through directional signs and graphics. Include “Welcome to Waupaca” signage.
  • Increase the visibility of Waupaca to people within a one hour drive.
  • Promote our image: “Small Town Charm”, “Stop and Shop” and “Dining” along Highway 10.
  • Continue to develop a targeted and consistent marketing campaign to promote the Waupaca area as a tourist destination for both day trips and overnight stays. Assess our marketing strategy approach and look.
  • Promote Waupaca as a destination for mid-week business through small conferences and meetings. Establish collaborative partnerships with local business and association contacts to help reach out to business and professional associations and other affiliated groups and provide support and assistance to recruiting efforts.  Target smaller groups and utilize online resources.
  • Continue to work with the City of Waupaca on plans to redevelop Main Street, providing information to members, assisting in efforts to improve the area aesthetically, supporting existing and promoting new businesses identified as assets to the tourism economy.
  • Collaborate with the Waupaca Rotary Club in co-promoting Oktoberfest with its new location in the downtown more widely.
  • Explore ways to capitalize on the success of the Waupaca Way program in the schools, extending the program’s values and principles of respect and friendliness throughout the community and area businesses in order to establish the Waupaca area as a warm, inviting, respectful and safe place to visit, shop and stay. Encourage businesses to support the Waupaca Way program.